Bakery Pan and Oven Rack Solutions!


Our Exclusive Process Works on Both Aluminum and Stainless Steel Oven Racks!

Got dirty grimy bakery pans? How about dirty oven racks that are almost solid black? Are you just days away from getting a health code violation and fines? If any of the answers are ‘yes’, then you need solid solutions from Tomark Bakery Service.


With our bakery pan cleaning & reglazing process, we offer cost-effective cleaning and reglazing services for all of your bakeware including baking trays, bread pans, perforated sheets such as bagel screens and baguettes or any other type of bakeware in your store’s inventory! We also offer cost-effective resurfacing of expensive pans such as bundt cake pans, muffin pans and bread sets to remove flash rust and most pitting to make these pans like-new before we add glaze the complete the process.

We also offer year-round cleaning, decarbonization and repair of bakery oven racks with wheel, rung (shelf) replacement and all other structural problems associated with daily use of oven and cooling racks. Our exclusive process cleans and decarbonizes your oven racks to make them like-new. Our process gives you a cleaner rack that stays cleaner, longer.

Stop wasting your money and time.

If you’re trying to clean your bakery equipment by hand, power washer or a pan washer and harsh chemicals, stop wasting your valuable money and time. With oven racks, this method only partially cleans the rack, leaving many unsanitary carbon deposits all over the rack’s surface. With bakery pans, using water starts the rusting process within the pan and power washing only partially cleans the pan while stripping and destroying the pan’s protective glaze, without replacing it. You bought the pan glazed, why not keep it that way?

Our state-of-the-art process goes much further than any other type of cleaning. After an intense thermal bath to clean, decarbonize and prepare the bakeware, an FDA approved food grade silicone coating (Glaze) is applied to the prepared pan’s surface. Reglazing makes your pans like-new while helping to ‘release’ your baked product from the pans and it also helps keep your pans cleaner, longer without the use of costly parchment paper. Did you know most local and state sanitation codes allow use of parchment paper only once per bake and not over and over?

If you’re interested in our unique bakery pan and oven rack cleaning ‘exchange’ program where satisfaction is always guaranteed, please feel free to contact us for more details and references.


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