Tomark Supermarket Services, Inc.

Tomark Supermarket Services

Service Solutions For The 21st Century!

Shopping Cart Service Solutions!
Repair - Cleaning - Derusting -
And Shop Reconditioning With
'Color-Match' For Powder Coated Carts!

Rolling Equipment Service Solutions!
Repair - Cleaning
Reconditioning & Painting!


Shopping Cart Loss Prevention Solutions!

Gatekeeper Systems
Featuring The GS2 System, purchek & CartManager


Reconditioned Carts & Rental Cart Solutions!
Available In Many Sizes & Styles!
Old Junk Shopping Carts Bought!


Bakery Pan & Oven Rack Cleaning And Service Solutions!
Oven Rack Repair And Full Cleaning!
Bakery Pan Cleaning & Reglazing!


Store Cleaning Solutions Include...
Hot-Water Power Washing Of
Sidewalks - Backrooms - Equipment!

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The 'Tomark Difference' Explained!
Over 33 Years Of Continued Quality Service In The Northeast!

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